The International Jewellery & Watch Fair is a trade-only event open to any business or working professional who is a buyer of products or services within the jewellery and watch industry. Registration is a free, simple process and only takes a few minutes. You will need your personal ID, business ID and ABN to complete the process. In order to show that you work within the jewellery and watch industry, you will also be asked to upload certain documents, such as your ABN registration form, utility bill registered and addressed to your business, membership certificates etc, so to streamline your registration experience please have these handy.

To begin your registration please click the button below, to reach the form relevant to you.

Please be advised that on completion of this form your registration will be subject to review. Once your registration has been approved you will be emailed your Visitor Badge, which you must print out (in colour) and bring along with you to the show. Please ensure the details on your badge are correct, as you will be required to provide a form of identification with exact matching information on the day. If you have any queries in regards to receiving your badge please contact Expertise Events on 02 9452 7575 or