Public Liability Insurance

 – Whilst Expertise Events will provide security during the exhibition, due to the size of the space and
number of people involved, security is everyone’s responsibility. Neither Expertise Events nor the
venue shall be held accountable or liable for any damage, loss, harm or injury to any person or any
property at the exhibition, however caused.

Exhibitors are required to ensure that they have a minimum of $10,000,000 worth of Public
Liability Insurance in respect of bodily injury to persons, or property damage, as per Clause 16(b) of
the Exhibitor Contract. This refers to damage or injury caused to visitors on or in the vicinity of an
exhibition stand.

Expertise Events has retained the services of an insurance broker to provide Public Liability based on a
limit of indemnity of $10 million. This can be ordered through the Exhibition Portal.

Public Liability covers injury to a third party or damage to property, while on or in the vicinity of your
stand, up to a limit of $10 million per claim. It also covers such injury or damage caused by property
which has been sold or given away from your stand.

This coverage is up to a limit of $10 million in total for claims over the covered period. The insurance
has effect from the first day of move in to the final day of move out.

If your normal business insurance only covers your stock at your normal place of business, you should
consider taking additional insurance to cover your stock from the time your goods are dispatched to
the exhibition until it is returned to your premises.