The International Jewellery & Watch Fair proudly presents the Jewellery Design Awards 2019. This is an incredible opportunity to celebrate the best of the best in the industry, as well as to uncover and support emerging jewellery design talents in Australia and New Zealand.

The Awards recognise and reward excellence in the field of unique jewellery design, innovation and creativity. This provides an outstanding opportunity to showcase significant achievements and talents of jewellery designers and timepiece innovators, both amateur and professional.

With creativity and craftsmanship at the heart of the 2019 Awards, JDA recognises industry innovators and achievers from Australia and New Zealand, by providing them with a platform to be recognised for the passion and skill behind modern and traditional craftsmanship.

A highly qualified panel of judges will nominate finalists within each category. Finalists will be announced on Monday, July 1, 2019 and will have their piece on display at the International Jewellery & Watch Fair at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour. Winners will then be announced at an Awards Function held on the International Jewellery & Watch Fair floor from 4:30pm on Sunday, August 25, 2019.






Our judging panel will evaluate and mark each entry based on the following judging criteria:
1. Relevance to the chosen category
2. The intelligent use of materials, stones and sizes
3. Craftsmanship and technical skill behind the creation of the piece

Specific scoring criteria are as follows:
1. Originality and creativity of design /30
2. Technical difficulty of construction /30
3. Craftsmanship and finish of piece /20
4. Wear-ability of the finished piece /20

Maximum points available = 100



Entry Criteria

1. Entry is open to any designer, design company, student, company or individual who has commissioned design, wherein the creator of the piece matches the following criteria:
1.1. They are a citizen of Australia or New Zealand
1.2. Their primary residential address is based in Australia or New Zealand
1.3. They are currently active within the jewellery market in either Australia or New Zealand or both.

2. Entries must have been created between January 1, 2019 and June 30, 2019.

3. Each category has select description criteria in English in which the entrant must adhere to. Submissions that do not adhere to descriptive criteria will be disqualified.

4. Submissions, where applicable, may be entered into multiple categories provided an entry fee is paid for each category, and they fulfill the descriptive criteria of each category. Failure to fulfill criteria will result in disqualification from the specified category.

5. Upon submission, the Entrant warrants that the design is their original and individual work, and they are active in the Australian and New Zealand market. The Organiser reserves the right to request further evidence such as design concepts, applicable patents, trademarks or IP ownership.

6. Entry Period & Fees:
6.1. April 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019
Standard fee: $50 including GST non-refundable (per entry, per category entered)

6.2 Wherein an Entrant chooses to withdraw their entry in the Awards, or does not complete their submission in full by the specified entry close date, all entry fees paid remain non-refundable.

7. Submissions to the Awards are only valid upon the Organiser receiving payment in full.

8. Designs submitted by Entrants who include any of the following must accompany written approval from an authorised representative, or will be disqualified:
8.1. Trademarks, service marks, trade names, brands or copyrighted material of third parties.
8.2. Names or depictions of public figures, public officials or celebrities. Personal information, for example, phone numbers, addresses.

9. Designs submitted by Entrants must not feature:
9.1. Obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, violent statements or images
9.2. Contextually offensive, discriminatory statements or images.

10. Designs submitted by Entrants created using unauthorised or pirated copies of computer software will not be accepted.

11. All pieces entered must submit high res digital files and a completed entry form. Images of the piece must include a top, side, front and three-quarter view of the product and an optional video file of up to 60 seconds demonstrating the piece from all angles. These mediums should not be retouched and should reflect a true representation of the product. These mediums will be used to determine shortlisted Entrants.

12. Finalist Entrants will be announced Monday, July 1, 2019 by 4:59pm

13. All Entrants must be willing to post, courier or deliver in person their piece to the Expertise Events office: Unit 4, 1 Skyline Place, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086 or PO Box 6053 Frenchs Forest NSW 2086 by July 12, 2019 to make it available for judging, wherein they are selected as a Finalist. Along with their completed piece, Finalists must also submit a current valuation certificate for the piece. Only Finalists will be asked to provide their completed piece for review.

14. If any voting irregularities take place as a direct result of an Entrant, the Entrant will be disqualified.

15. Entrants acknowledge their submissions may be used for publicity purposes and may be called for comment by authorised representatives of the Awards.

16. If an Award finalist or winner is in breach of the terms and conditions of entry, the Entrant’s submission will be deemed invalid and the award deemed null and void, and returned. The Entrant may be liable for any costs associated as a result of action taken.

17. Expertise Events Pty Ltd has the right to amend these terms and conditions at their discretion.

18. The Organiser does not make any claims on copyright or intellectual property of the designs entered.

19. Upon submission, the Entrant gives permission to the Organiser to publish, exhibit and promote their name, image and the content of the submission. The Entrant acknowledges that the Organiser has the right to reproduce materials in whole or part without payment of release or licensing fees to the holder of publication rights or copyright.

20. The Entrant confirms that (where applicable) they have obtained their client’s and practice principal’s written approval to enter and for any resulting publicity.

21. Upon submission, the Entrant agrees to indemnify the Organiser from and against any and all liability arising as a result of their entry or infringing the intellectual property rights of any third party.

22. All decisions of the judging panel shall be final and shall not be subject to reconsideration.

23. An entry submitted as a collection shall be assessed and judged as a whole and not individually.

24. Category Winners will be announced on Sunday, August 25, 2019 from 4:30pm onsite at the International Jewellery & Watch Fair 2019, held at the ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour.

25. Expertise Events trusts that all information supplied by the Entrant is true and correct. The Entrant bears the responsibility for any issues or damages caused as a result of them entering false information on their registration form.


Contact Information

Expertise Events + 61 2 9452 7575
The Organiser is Expertise Events Pty Ltd ABN 43 003 932 492
Unit 4, 1 Skyline Place, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086, Australia