The hire of trolleys and / or forklifts should be organized prior to going onsite.
For bookings and hire charges contact our appointed freight company Agility on +61 2 8755 8899.
Forklift Services are not available outside the hours of 10:00am – 5:00pm unless prior arrangements
have been made.


Exhibitors should make provision for offsite storage of surplus products or packing materials for the
duration of the exhibition, as storage space is not specifically provided on our exhibition plan. From
time-to-time, surplus space on the exhibition floor may arise, however this space is not guaranteed, and
exhibitors should not have an expectation of storage space, based upon it being available at a previous


Basic stand cleaning will be provided. This will be done at night and we ask for co-operation in keeping
your stand as tidy as possible. Rubbish should be bagged or boxed up and placed in the aisle at the front
of your stand for removal at the end of each day.

Excess rubbish removal and cleaning will be charged at the contractor’s rates. Some venues do supply
recycling bins and we recommend you use these when disposing of rubbish. Any costs associated with
excess rubbish removal will be passed on to the Exhibitor concerned. If you have any questions in
relation to excess rubbish removal, please ask the Expertise Events onsite Event Planner. Please note
stands which are covered up (i.e. using ‘Cover Ups’ on their stand) will only be cleaned around the

First Aid

If a visitor or exhibitor happens to injure/ have an accident, please call for security or a member of staff
from Expertise. All incidents must be documented for insurance purposes.