Unity – Today And In The Future


Expertise Events, owners of the International Jewellery & Watch Fair, are excited to announce today a theme of UNITY for their 2019 event.

In support of this theme, for the first time since 2016, the International Jewellery & Watch Fair will see Nationwide Jewellers, Showcase Jewellers and Leading Edge Group united in their commitment to bring the industry together.

In previous years Showcase Jewellers and Leading Edge Group have run separate off-calendar events for their members, while Nationwide Jewellers has continued to hold their member event at the Sydney Fair. This year Showcase Jewellers and Leading Edge Group will run their buying days and annual conferences concurrent with the official Fair dates and use the ICC Sydney site.

Expertise Events Managing Director, Gary Fitz-Roy, said, “I am pleased to announce that the groups have all worked with us in putting a sensible plan in place that considers everyone’s needs. From here, we hope further initiatives can be rolled out to make the Fair even stronger and we believe this change represents a solid foundation.”

Major benefits to exhibitors will include savings on staffing costs and accommodation, less time spent setting up show stands and moving between venues, and broader exposure to a wider range of retailers. The increased security capabilities will also present an added benefit to exhibitors.

Fitz-Roy said, “This year’s Fair already has some exciting things in motion. We know some retailers and distributors are finding the market challenging, and we are mindful of how we can best provide value to both sides. My team is committed to the ‘wow factor’ this year, and the theme is something we take very seriously. Unity is crucial in all industries to be successful and we are committed to leading the charge.”



“It is pleasing to hear that Leading Edge and Showcase have modified their schedules in order to provide greater support to the International Jewellery & Watch Fair. This is a very welcome initiative and will ensure an increased number of buyers on the floor. The three buying groups are certainly doing their part to support and unify the industry.”​


Managing Director – Nationwide Jewellers


“I’m delighted to announce we will be fully supporting the 2019 Fair at the ICC. It was a unanimous decision from our members, our directors and suppliers to make it work. We are really looking forward to the event and encourage as many retailers as possible to come.”


General Manager – Showcase Jewellers


“It’s great we’ve been able to come together as an industry and reduce the impact on our suppliers during the busy conference period. One-on-one contact between independent retailers and suppliers is so valuable, particularly for regional jewellery stores. It’s important we keep providing the forum for those relationships to flourish.”


Director of Business Services – Leading Edge Group


News released: 20th February 2019