Who Can Attend?

The International Jewellery Fair is a trade only event for registered businesses in the jewellery industry. To be eligible to attend the International Jewellery Fair, all visitors must meet minimum registration criteria outlined on this page; any registrations that cannot provide the required documentation will not be accepted.

Each visitor is expected to conduct him/herself in a professional and courteous manner, and respect the Australian Jewellery Fair and the rights of other attendees.

Please note, international visitors will be strictly reviewed. We are not required to validate a declined application, and will not reverse a decisions following further enquiry.


Registering for the fair online

Please note, you are required to complete the relevant sections of the online registration form. Included in this will be required documentation. For Australian visitors, please upload THREE documents from the below list. You may register multiple team members, each will require documentation, this can be the same for most but requires some element of proof of their involvement in the business.

  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Business Invoice (showing purchases related to Jewellery) 
  • Personal Payslip (please black out your payment details) 
  • ABN Registration Form
  • Business Letterhead with ABN included
  • Utility Bill Registered & Addresses To Your Business
  • Membership Certificates
  • Supporting Letters


Buyer’s entry passes must be visible, and current photographic identification (issued under law) must be carried at all times. Non-Australian residents must carry their passport with them while at the Fair. Identification must be produced to security or to an exhibitor, on demand.

Security Searches

Due to the nature of the products on site at the Fair; security for visitors, exhibitors and staff is our highest priority.  It is a condition of entry that buyers and other personnel consent to being searched on request. CCTV, X-ray machines and metal detection equipment will be used at entry and exit points.  Routine searches will be conducted and all visitors are requested to be understanding of the reasons for this.


Photography or video recording at the Fair is prohibited, except by those authorised individuals. Surveillance equipment is in use for the entire duration of the Fair.

Expertise Events reserves the right to take photographs, video and other footage of all visitors, exhibitors and displays within their events. These photographs remain the property of Expertise Events and may be used on occasion to promote, market and advertise the said event and other events organised by Expertise Events. If you are the subject of any images taken, your agreement to these terms and conditions and usage of these images is signified by your entry into the exhibition and/or attendance as a visitor at the event.

Suspicious Persons

If someone who appears to have no official presence approaches you or if you observe suspicious behaviour at the Fair, please report your concerns to security immediately.


Registered visitors may be accompanied by ONE guest to assist on each day. Exhibitors are not permitted to bring in guests that are not in the jewellery industry. Guests cannot place orders at the fair, and need to be accompanied by a registered visitor at all times while inside the exhibition. The guest is not required to complete a registration form. Instead, they will receive a guest pass upon arrival.


Only manufacturers looking to purchase materials for the making of jewellery related products, and can show evidence of purchasing jewellery related products within the last 12 months, will be allowed access to the fair as a visitor.


Non-exhibiting wholesalers will be allowed access to the fair and are not permitted to conduct business on the fair floor (aka suitcasing). Expertise Events reserves the right to escort any attendee from the fair floor if they are reported to be soliciting business at the fair, and are not an exhibitor. If you are escorted from the fair, you will not be allowed to attend any future fairs.


Waivers can be obtained from the registration counter, and if approved, a Child’s Pass will be provided to grant limited access to the trade fair floor only. The parent or legal guardian that signed the waiver must accompany the child at all times, and the child must ensure they are wearing the Child’s Pass. If a child is found without parent or legal guardian supervision, he/she will be taken to the registration counter and his/her waiver will be rescinded. Failure of the parent or legal guardian to supervise the minor’s activities may result in removal from the fair. For security reasons, strollers are not permitted at any time within the fair. Babies in arms
(minors one year old and younger) do not need a waiver, but must be carried at all times within the event.

WARNING FOR VISITORS: Please be aware there are some overseas website that may claim to have registration facilities for the Australian and International Jewellery Fairs. Completing these online forms may result in your email account being spammed, and will definitely not grant you access to the fair floor.

Terms & Conditions Of Entry: 

• Only registered IJF visitors who are badge holders, visitors who register on the day and exhibitor badge holders will be able to enter the International Jewellery Fair. Visitors will be asked to include some sort of photo-ID with their name badge for verification purposes. If requested, a visitor must provide ID onsite or may be subject to refusal of entry or removal from the Fair.
• Visitors who register prior to IJF or onsite at the event may be asked for proof of trade status or business eligibility. Relevant proof could include trade association membership, business card showing name of visitor, copies of a supplier invoice, exhibitor referral, a payslip or other means.
• IJF is strictly for members of the jewellery, gift and fashion TRADE ONLY. If you are found not to be from the trade you will be refused registration and will be asked to leave the venue immediately.
• Visitors to IJF will be required to have their bags searched by security personnel prior to admission and visitors may be subject to further random bag searches during their attendance at IJF.
• Official IJF photographers will be taking photographs and filming videos at IJF. Anyone attending IJF consents to such photography and filming without compensation and confirms that the Organisers shall be entitled to use such photographs and videos, which may include photographs and videos of visitors, for the purpose of marketing IJF in future, for exploitation in any and all media, without liability. No other photography or filming will be permitted at IJF without the prior written approval of the Organisers.
• Students are permitted entry to the show but must be on a recognised jewellery course and must state their college name on the registration form. Large groups of students are discouraged from attending the show unless split into small groups (less than five) and accompanied by a lecturer.
• Badge holders must not allow their badges to be worn by anyone else. Any failure is likely to lead to the badge holder and the person wearing the badge being removed from IJF.
• Anyone attending IJF should carry some form of photo-ID (passport, photo-ID driving licence, national identity card) or other identification acceptable to the Organisers. Admission to the show may be subject to a random bag search and ID check.
• Anyone obtaining an IJF visitor or exhibitor badge by theft, deception or other illegal means will be asked to leave IJF.
• Children under the age of 16 who attend IJF will be required by the Organisers to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Visitors with children will be responsible for their children and will be asked to put their mobile number on a wristband to be worn by the child. Children found to be causing a nuisance, seperated from their parent or guardian or resulting in complaint from other attendees, will be asked to leave IJF and the venue.
• Anyone attending IJF must not take part in any canvassing, leafleting, demonstrations, objectionable behavior or any activity which may disrupt IJF. Any of the aforementioned activities will result in removal and banning from future attendance.
• Press badges at IJF are restricted to Editors, Sub Editors, Editorial Assistants, Editorial Researchers, Publishers, Journalists, Broadcasters, Web Bloggers and Photographers associated with the jewellery industry. Members of the press may be required to complete an application form and produce accreditation in the form of a photocopy of a recognised press or media card, business card,, a letter from the editor or an official web address linking to a press release in order to verify their position. Please note that Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Publishing staff and Media Sales Representatives will not qualify as Press for this show.
• The Organisers reserve the right to exclude or remove anyone from IJF who does not comply with this policy or who they reasonably consider is likely to break these rules or who is prohibited from attending under any applicable sanctions, laws or regulations, or otherwise at the Organisers’ discretion.
• CCTV is in operation at IJF.  Images will be recorded for prevention of crime and public safety and may be shared with the police.